BEST months to get married in Houston (and why!)

A shortlist, January, February, March, April, May, October and November.In January and February the weather can change daily, but is still better than the sweltering heat of the summer. Your guests social calendars will not be as booked, so you can have more gueststhat are able to attend. PLUS, these tend to be "slowish" type months, so there is availability of vendors. The end of February is usually quite lovelyfor an outdoor wedding and reception! March, April and May are very busy months. The Texas spring break week in March is very popular, you need to book ahead if you want that timeframe.Lovely weather, so often we can play ceremonies and receptions outdoors (but with the unpredictable Houston weather, you may not want to chance it at any time, I know I did not!)May can be hot, it varies. Memorial Day weekend is popular for those couples that have lots of out of town guests. Also, that Sunday tends to be very popular and makes for arelaxed date. JUNE, it rains and it is HOT! (July, August and September are the least popular because of the heat BUT the good vendors are more available due to less bookings!) October and November are very popular. Especially the middle weekend in October, and the weekend before Thanksgiving in November.These dates are VERY popular so you need to book early. The weather seems to be nice (although be prepared for the Houston Weather fluctations, I have played outdoorson the first weekend in November when it was under 30 degrees!I would recommend against December, EXCEPT for the days close to the holidays. Corporate parties, and more private parties make for limited availability, and higher pricing.Close to the holiday, if your guests are planning to travel to Houston anyway for the holidays can be ideal. Less traffic, since people are out of town,and lots of availability.\I hope this helps!You can always call 832 723 8886 or email [email protected] to get specific about your dates!   

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